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PIUSC! NBD Vintage

Monday, March 26, 2012

Some time ago I was contacted by Kristy, an American Stylist who loves fashion and in particular has a passion for all that is Vintage, used and recycle. A care site “NBD Vintage” a really excellent, creating scenarios and look that I find absolutely wonderful, ambientandoli in the desert or between the pools of some typical American House. Watch the video presentation… I was ecstatic since the first time I saw!

Kristy is California, Los Angeles precisely.

I was immediately struck by its sweetness that transpired from the mail that we exchanged, so sweet that she managed to forgive my lousy American… feeling then confirmed when I received his gift bag with a few lines written by his own hand on a pink sheet. Kristy sells in his garage the wonders that find in flea markets or places of exception and is happy when someone manages to find clothes looking for everything you need… I find it absolutely fascinating the idea of having a small workshop tucked away in a simple garage.

NBD Vintage but is also a online shop you find here and from where I could choose the clothes that I'm wearing in the pictures you see in the shooting made as always by Federica and with the support of Antonio.

The location I chose is one of my favorite places in the city: the fishermen's Harbor.

Nothing built, siamo arrivati ed abbiamo scattato. Non c’è niente di più suggestivo e perfetto di attimi rubati alla quotidianità.




Some time ago I have been contacted by Kristy, an American Stylist who adores the fashion and inparticolar has the passion for Vintage, used and to recycle stuff.

She manage a website “NBD Vintage” in an excellent way, creating scenarios and looks that I find absolutely wonderful. These are set in the wilderness or among the pools of some typical American small villas.

Look at the video of presentation ... I was ecstatic since the first time that have seen it!

Kristy is from Los Angeles, California.

I have been impressed for her sweetness which was evident by the email we sent each other. She is so cute that she has forgiven my terrible American…

This sensation has been confirmed when I have received his box-gift with some words she wrote on a pink paper.

Kristy sells in her garage the wonderful things she finds in small markets or places of exception and she is really happy when someone finds dresses looking for among what is there…

I find charming the idea to have a small hidden atelier in a simple garage.

Also, NBD Vintage is an online shop that you find and from where I have chosen the dresses which I wear in the photos of the shooting realized, as always, by Federica with the support of Antonio.

The location that I have chosen is one of my favorite places in town: the fishermen’s landing.

Nothing was prepared, we arrived and photographed. There is nothing more beautiful and perfect of stolen moments of everyday life.


Quando mi parlano di bellezza la prima immagine che mi viene in mente è Napoli.

Lucio Dalla


The sound of the sea: preview at PIUSC! NBD Vintage

Thursday, March 22, 2012

As a child the sounds of the sea has me fascinated. I've always adored.

Relaxes me, I softened, I enriched, I free your mind.

Still walking on the beach in summer and I collect shells to bring them closer to the ear… and listen to the sound of the sea.

This is just a small preview of a shooting that soon I will show you, dedicated to an American girl Kristy, growing my own passion: the vintage.

See you soon

Kisses Kisses